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London 31 March 20092009 marks a series of important anniversaries. It is 50 years since the Tibetan Uprising, 20 years since the Tiananmen Massacre, 10 years since crackdown on Falun Gong and the Chinese Communist Party will have wielded power for 60 years. Over this time, more than one million Tibetans and 50 million Chinese died under the tyrannical rule of the Communist Party.To protest against the autocracy of the Chinese Communist Party, Tibetans in exile and Chinese activists unite in condemnation of Hu Jintao’s policies in Tibet and in China. A series of direct actions have been organized during Hu Jintao’s short stay in London to attend the G20 London Summit on 1st and 2nd of April.Action details:NB. Participants are all available for interview. To arrange, please call Phurbu Rinzin on 077950718371) 24-hour hunger strike by Tibetan and Chinese nationalsWednesday 1 April 18:00 to Thursday 2 April 18:00Opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge, London SW12) Protest by Tibetans, pro-democracy Chinese and Tibet supportersWednesday 1 April, 16:00–20:00Opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge, London SW13) Candle-light VigilThursday 2 April, 17:00–20:00Opposite the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Knightsbridge, London SW1Key demands:1.    China’s illegal occupation of Tibet must end now. The past 50 years of Chinese rule has seen the destruction of over 6,000 Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and important learning centres; this has put the Tibetan national heritage and traditions at severe risk. China’s illegal invasion of Tibet in 1950 has resulted in the loss of over one million Tibetan lives. China must let Tibetan people govern their own homeland.2.    Allow independent investigation and media access in Tibet. If China has nothing to hide, it must allow independent delegations to visit and give the media access across the Tibetan region to assess the current situation. Inviting only state-sponsored media tours to visit Tibet is neither open nor transparent and does not engender trust or confidence in the Chinese regime.3.    Human Rights before Trade. China’s government must stop harassing the Tibetan people and respect their basic human rights as enshrined in the UN Charter, especially the freedoms of expression and religion. Tibetans must be able to show their loyalty to their spiritual and temporal leader, the Dalai Lama without fear of reprisals and ‘patriotic re-education’. It cannot expect to be respected or contribute significantly towards economic growth globally unless it acts responsibly and adheres to basic human and civil rights.4. End one-party rule. Start democracy in China. Freedom of expression. Respect human rights. Release all prisoners of conscience. Respect the right to self-determination. Justice to Tiananmen victims.Contacts:Phurbu Rinzin, Tibetan Community in Britain: 07795071837 Email: phr004@googlemail.comKarma Chura-Tsang, Tibetan Youth UK: 0772 550 1995 Email: karma@tibetanyouthuk.orgPhilippa Carrick, Tibet Society: 07941 105485 Email: philippa@tibetsociety.comPema Yoko, Students for a Free Tibet: 07825 616 357 Email: pema@sftuk.orgShao Jiang, Tiananmen Massacre survivor, 0796 194 8852,

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