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Tibetans, Burmese and Chinese protest Hu Jintao in London

London, April 3 – Tibetans, Chinese Human Rights Activists, Burmese Human Rights Activis and supporters here carried out a series of protest  against Chinese  Dictator President Hu Jintao for the G20 Summit in London.6Tibetans and 4 Chinese sat on a 24-hour hunger strike to highlight thegross violation of human rights by the Chinese regime under Hu Jintao,in particular China’s repressive policies in Tibet.Supportersshouted slogans against the Chinese government headed by Hu Jintaooutside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, where Hu wasstaying. A candlelight vigil concluded the hunger strike,joined by Chinese from Falun Gong group, Human Rights  defenders and Burmese supporters joinedin solidarity to condemn Hu Jintao for his lack of respect for humanrights.Phurbu Rinzin from Tibetan Community in Britain said,“We have taken these actions to remind Mr Hu Jintao of the deep painTibetans continue to suffer under China’s wrong and repressive policiesin Tibet.”Whilst protesting at the ExCel Centre earlier today,Karma Chura-Tsang, Director of Tibetan Youth UK said, “We are callingthe world leaders to raise the issue of deepening crisis in Tibet withChinese President Hu Jintao and call for an end to his government’sviolent repression of the Tibetan people.”Shao Jiang, asurvivor of the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989, who also participated inthe hunger strike, stressed the importance of “freedom of expression,respect for human rights in China and the right to self-determinationof Tibetan people.” He also called for democracy in China and justicefor Tiananmen victims.Prince Charles has reportedly raisedTibet with Hu Jintao when loud protest continued outside the hotel.Tibetan National Anthem fittingly concluded the protest against HuJintao in London, said a Tibetan protester.


Protest Hu Jintao in London by RFA in Chinese

Protest Hu Jintao in London by RFA in Chinese

Protest Hu Jintao in London by  Epoch Times in Chinese

A Message to Hu Jintao from Shao Jiang




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