Mar 29 2018 9:49AM
Must-watch documentaries for the long weekend
From Swedish rappers to the refugee crisis – here are some films to keep you entertained and informed this Easter.
Sep 14 2017 2:48PM
3 powerful human rights films to look out for this Autumn
Our top picks of the human rights-related films to look out for this autumn, featuring the story of an undocumented immigrant family in Mexico, a look at the life of Winnie Mandela, and fresh perspectives on Canada's Charter of Rights.
Jun 8 2017 10:00PM
The best human rights films
We're lucky to live in a time when documentary makers have an amazing platform to create and broadcast important documentaries on human rights. Film is an incredible way not only to share information, but to help people emotionally con...
May 4 2017 11:14AM
What to watch on Netflix right now
Check out these eight unmissable films about human rights and the people who fight for them - all out on Netflix this Spring. 1. The White Helmets When bombs rain down from the sky, the volunteers of the Syrian Civil Defence come to th...
Feb 26 2016 5:06PM
Forget the Oscars - here are our human rights winners from 2015
With the lack of diversity in nominees dominating the Oscars this year, here's a list of film winners we hope you can get behind: our top human rights movies from 2015 (in no particular order). We're bound to have missed some, but that...
Aug 13 2015 6:18PM
Seven must-see human rights documentaries on Netflix
Don’t leave your Netflix account to grow old and dusty – there are plenty of opportunities for an informative evening of entertainment. We've picked seven unmissable human rights related films and documentaries to get stuck into. 1. Ca...
Feb 6 2015 3:50PM
Film "Manuscripts Don't Burn" (15)
Hull Independent Cinema Project are showing the film " Manuscripts Don't Burn" , at Hull Truck Theatre, on Tuesday evening, 24th February, 2015 , and have

North Korea film: Amnesty releases 'The Other Interview'

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Dec 21 2014 11:12AM
Six must-see documentaries of 2014
Journalism has always played a vital part in uncovering human rights abuses and corruption around the world. Film is a powerful way to bring these issues to life – it can educate, expose, galvanise, amuse, terrify, and even hold to acc...
Oct 10 2014 12:31AM
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