Dec 3 2018 8:59PM
Human Rights Day 2018 in Sheffield
Three special events to mark the 70th Anniversary of the UDHR!
Jul 8 2016 11:36PM
Hope Not Hate
On Thursday 7th July we went along to the first Sheffield meeting of the More in Common campaign by Hope Not Hate.
May 19 2016 8:56PM
June 2016 Meeting: The Refugee Crisis, Europe and Sheffield (Panel Discussion)
The refugee crisis is in the headlines, internationally and locally. But how does it affect us here in Sheffield? For our June Meeting will be discussing the issue with invited academics, politicians, and activists. Come and join the d...
Apr 11 2016 9:27PM
Amnesty Sheffield - Sponsored Walk 2016
Sheffield Amnesty group sponsored walk Saturday 23 rd April 2016.
Mar 10 2016 8:55PM
Upcoming Events: First Half of 2016
We have an exciting agenda for the first half of 2016, below are the planned highlights.
Jan 23 2016 5:28PM
Amnesty Sheffield - 2015 in Review
Sometimes in Amnesty, especially when in amongst the weeds, it’s easy to forget quite how much we do as a movement and as a group.
Dec 1 2015 8:37PM
December is Human Rights Month in Sheffield
December is a busy month for everyone but it is especially busy for us in Amnesty Sheffield.
Sep 23 2015 8:24PM
Off the Shelf
Jack Mapanje: And Crocodiles Are Hungry at Night Renowned Malawian writer, Jack Mapanje, was arrested, while drinking in a pub, for