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Vietnam (62)
Apr 1 2021 11:08am
Vietnam: Fresh crackdown as National Assembly election looms
Two independent candidates arrested and charged Intimidation and ha...
Feb 24 2021 12:27pm
Vietnam: Activists targeted by notorious hacking group - new investigation
Human rights defenders subjected to spyware attacks Ocean Lotus gro...
Apr 22 2020 11:06am
Vietnam: Facebook’s censorship of posts that criticise government is a ‘devastating turning point for freedom of expression’
Facebook’s policy shift makes them complicit in suppression of freedom...
Apr 8 2020 5:43pm
UK: Vietnamese lorry deaths were 'heartbreaking and horrific'
‘There will always be those willing to take advantage of people who fe...
Feb 3 2020 2:16pm
Vietnam: Early release for prisoner of conscience
Well-known human rights defender, Tran Thi Nga, was unexpectedly relea...
Jan 16 2020 2:30am
Vietnam: Deadly land clashes lead to arrests and social media crackdown
The Vietnamese authorities have stepped up a countrywide crackdown as ...
Nov 15 2019 11:04am
Vietnam: Prominent human rights defender detained on return to country
Responding to reports that prominent activist Dinh Thao was taken into...
Sep 6 2019 3:30pm
Urgent Action: Activist detained a year without trial
Đoàn Thị Hồng was unlawfully arrested in September 2018 and has been d...
Jun 5 2019 12:05pm
Vietnam: Authorities crack down on Facebook users in bid to silence critics
The Vietnamese authorities are cracking down on social media users, Am...
May 24 2019 3:02pm
Urgent Action: Prisoner of conscience tortured to confess
Journalist and human rights defender Nguyen Van Hoa was convicted and ...