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Apr 15 2013 2:12pm
SMS terms and conditions
Introduction Text messages are a fast and low-cost way to ask you t...
Apr 12 2013 9:36pm
Community rules
We obviously value freedom of speech on our digital spaces very highly...
Apr 12 2013 9:31pm
Accessibility policy
We are committed to providing a site that is as widely accessible as p...
Apr 12 2013 9:25pm
Child protection policy
We welcome increasing numbers of children and young people to the i...
Apr 12 2013 9:24pm
Website terms and conditions
This policy governs all pages hosted at, and any ad...
Apr 12 2013 9:24pm
Weekly Lottery Terms & Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are the Lottery Rules. By entering the l...
Apr 12 2013 9:24pm
Responsible Gambling
We are committed to promoting responsible gambling and ensuring that i...
Apr 12 2013 9:24pm
People's Postcode Lottery: Terms and Conditions
Amnesty International (UK Section) Charitable Trust is regulated by th...
Apr 12 2013 9:23pm
Competition terms and conditions
These rules cover all competitions that we (Amnesty International UK) ...
Apr 12 2013 9:12pm