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Gun Violence (341)
Sep 22 2014 4:15pm
The tools of torture – a booming trade
Torture is not a thing of the distant past. It’s not even a rare oc...
    Sep 16 2014 11:46am
    It's time for the US to stop fuelling the conflict in Israel and Gaza
    As the UN General Assembly begins its meeting today in New York City, ...
    Sep 10 2014 5:23pm
    US air strikes against ISIS in Syria & arming opposition groups. Some questions
    US-led strikes against ISIS positions inside Syria and the arming of a...
    Aug 25 2014 2:46pm
    Gaza: Stop the arms, stop the killing
    The human toll of the violence is horrific. Children, women, men – nob...
    Aug 22 2014 5:11pm
    Fresh call for UK to suspend arms to Israel after resumption of hostilities
    ‘Ministers should stop re-writing their own rules and remember ...
      Aug 12 2014 12:44pm
      The UK needs to stop selling arms to Israel and open its eyes to the suffering caused by inaction
      While we can only hope that the latest fitful emergency peace talks in...
      Aug 4 2014 8:30pm
      Israel/Gaza: U.S. shipment of fuel to Israel's armed forces must be stopped as evidence of Gaza war crimes mounts
      Amnesty International is appealing to the US government to immediat...
        Aug 1 2014 12:24am
        'Callous' USA must stop arming Israel
        The US government must immediately end its deliveries of large quan...
          Jul 29 2014 2:49pm
          The EU must close all loopholes in the torture trade
          The European Union (EU) must urgently strengthen its laws to enable...
            Jul 23 2014 1:28pm
            UK arms sales: 'astonishing' that weapons are being sent to Russia
            ‘Given Russia’s record … was it ever sensible to sell the Kremlin e...