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Denmark (16)
Mar 12 2024 1:53pm
Denmark: NGOs sue authorities over arms exports to Israel
Amnesty Denmark, Oxfam Denmark, Action Aid Denmark and Al-Haq bring ca...
May 18 2021 5:08pm
Denmark: Nationwide demonstrations planned against deportation of Syrian refugees
Large demo to take place in Copenhagen tomorrow At least 39 Syrians...
May 5 2021 6:35pm
Denmark: Deal to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda is 'new low'
Amnesty supporters write to Danish Minister of Immigration and Integra...
Apr 27 2021 2:39pm
Denmark will be breaking international law if Syrian refugees forced to return
Decision to revoke residency permits of Syrian refugees puts them at r...
Dec 17 2020 10:22am
Denmark: 'Historic day' as law passes to recognise that sex without consent is rape
Denmark is only the 12th country in Europe to recognise sex without co...
Jun 26 2019 6:12pm
Denmark: pledge to introduce consent-based rape legislation welcomed
Government makes commitment after long-running campaign from activists...
Mar 28 2019 9:30am
New Amnesty report reveals Nordic nations are failing rape victims
Despite being among the top-ranking countries in the world in terms of...
Mar 5 2019 9:17am
Denmark: Women failed by 'dangerous' victim blaming culture and impunity for rapists - new report
Denmark has some of the highest levels of rape in Europe Rape survi...
Nov 22 2018 2:08pm
Denmark's suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia welcomed
‘A small country like Denmark can make a difference’ - Trine Christens...
Aug 1 2018 11:21am
Denmark: Discriminatory face veil ban comes into effect
As a new law banning the wearing of face coverings in public comes int...