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Denmark (15)
May 10 2017 9:01am
"I thought I was some kind of monster"
"I thought I was some kind of monster." These are the words of Sandrao...
Jan 27 2016 6:10pm
Denmark: We’ll take your valuables but not your family
Denmark has just passed asylum laws to give authorities the power to s...
Nov 18 2014 3:59pm
The battle for transgender rights: which human right must I drop?
Asking someone to make a choice between rights is abhorrent. Yet, the ...
Feb 8 2012 8:38am
China Human Rights Briefing January 31-February 6, 2012
Top News Activist Chen Xi Held in Remote Prison, Frostbitten ...
Dec 17 2009 11:34am
Children on children's rights video
A little bit of light entertainment for you here, with this YouTube vi...