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Cameroon (35)
Oct 8 2020 10:35am
Urgent Action Outcome: Detained activist gets medical and family access
Political activist Serge Branco Nana is currently serving a two-year p...
May 5 2020 11:03am
Cameroon: Prisons at risk of ‘becoming epicentres of the pandemic’
The Cameroonian authorities must be transparent about the spread of CO...
Dec 11 2019 10:23am
Cameroon: 275 killed by Boko Haram in Far North - victims feel abandoned
At least 275 people killed - including 225 civilians - between January...
Oct 5 2019 7:04pm
Cameroon: release of detained opposition leader Maurice Kamto welcomed
Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon leader released, along with...
Aug 23 2019 6:26pm
Cameroon: seven soldiers on trial for murder of women and children recorded in 'horrifying' viral video
A video of the killings went viral in July last year Amnesty analys...
Jul 23 2019 4:51pm
Cameroon: gunshots amid prison riot must be investigated
Following the security forces’ use of firearms to quell a riot yesterd...
Feb 20 2019 9:01pm
Cameroon: Opposition leader and more than hundred supporters face the death penalty
Opposition leader Maurice Kamto is today due to be summoned by a milit...
Nov 5 2018 6:36pm
Cameroon: authorities must act swiftly to free kidnapped schoolchildren
Case is ‘chilling echo’ of Chibok kidnappings in Nigeria Following ...
Sep 17 2018 9:37pm
Cameroon: New videos show escalation of horrific violence in Anglophone regions
New videos received by Amnesty International showing brutal attacks ag...
Sep 17 2018 12:47pm
Urgent Action: Activist missing for over one month in Cameroon
Activist Franklin Mowha, the president of the NGO Frontline Fighters f...