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Bosnia-Herzegovina (29)
Jun 8 2021 4:12pm
Bosnia / Herzegovina: Ratko Mladić appeal loss 'historic moment' for victims of genocide
Original verdict confirmed - Ratko Mladić sentenced to life imprisonme...
Jan 12 2021 11:15am
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Warning over 2,500 migrants trapped in 'bitterly cold temperatures'
As many as 2,500 people - including 900 residents of a temporary makes...
Aug 25 2020 4:32pm
Bosnia: Entire region sets up refugee roadblocks as vigilantes raid buses
Police using roadblocks, house raids and forcible removals to restrict...
Mar 20 2019 3:51pm
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Karadžić life sentence is 'powerful message'
‘This verdict demonstrates that war criminals cannot hide from justice...
Nov 22 2017 12:16pm
Life sentence for Ratko Mladic hailed as 'landmark verdict'
Today’s conviction of the former Bosnian Serb war leader, former gener...
Sep 12 2017 2:42pm
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Last chance for justice for over 20,000 wartime sexual violence survivors
A quarter of a century after the start of the conflict, more than 20,0...
Jul 13 2015 5:52pm
Still missing. Twenty years is too long to wait for truth and justice.
On Saturday I stood on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields to remembe...
Jul 11 2015 12:00am
Srebrenica: families of victims 'still waiting for justice
‘Twenty years on, leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina are refusing to ad...
Jul 8 2015 6:30pm
Srebrenica: UN failure to pass genocide resolution 'insult to the memory of the dead'
‘The denial of genocide is betraying the suffering of victims and t...
Sep 6 2013 12:00am
Netherlands: Supreme Court hands down historic judgment over Srebrenica genocide
A Dutch Supreme Court judgment finding the state liable for the deaths...