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Activist Education (9)
Jul 27 2022 2:27pm
Essential Training for Lead Activists
If you are a lead activist, AIUK requires that you participate in cert...
Apr 5 2022 12:10pm
UK: Youth activists in training to rise up and defend human rights
Amnesty and The Co-operative Bank back young human rights defenders wi...
Feb 17 2022 3:07pm
UK: Government's teaching guidance will have 'chilling effect'
Education Secretary rolls out guidance for teachers on how to address ...
Nov 29 2021 12:19pm
Ethical Activism
On this page you can find all you need to know to make sure you can de...
Nov 29 2021 12:19pm
Communication Skills
Good communication skills are essential to make sure you are getting y...
Nov 29 2021 12:19pm
Learning about Human Rights
If you are new to working on human rights issues or are looking to ref...
Nov 29 2021 12:19pm
If you are looking for an introduction or more information on some of ...
Nov 29 2021 12:19pm
Delivering Human Rights Education
If you are interested in delivering education on Amnesty’s work or the...
Nov 29 2021 12:19pm
Leadership Skills
If you have a passion for human rights activism and want to build your...