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Delivering Human Rights Education

Delivering Human Rights Education
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If you are interested in delivering education on Amnesty’s work or the human rights issues we work on then we have a number of courses that will help you learn how to create effective, participatory education.

Self-paced learning

Introduction to Human Rights Education (HRE)

Learn the basics of how to deliver participatory and effective human rights education. This course is designed to be accessible to anyone, including those with no previous experience of education.

Coming later in 2022

Facilitated learning

Facilitated HRE training

If you have taken the self-paced learning ‘Introduction to Human Rights Education’ you can then sign up to this in-depth facilitated training. It will provide more detail on delivering education on the issues Amnesty works on and how to work with different age groups.

Coming later in 2022

If your Local or Student group would be interested in being trained together we may be able to arrange this if capacity allows. Please contact for more information.

Amnesty Teacher Programme

Are you a teacher with a passion for human rights, equality and justice? Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) teacher programme will give you the expertise to engage your students with human rights.

Our CPD programme will strengthen your skills in teaching and training colleagues and you will meet experts in human rights education to support your professional development. You will also receive the latest resources and try out exciting tools and methods to explore human rights issues in your classroom, your subject area and your wider school community.

Youth Coaches training

If you have taken the facilitated HRE training, you might be interested in volunteering for our youth coaches programme which involves working with a number of young people in a school youth group over a year to help them improve their activism skills.

Coming later in 2022

If there is any learning content that you would like to see on this page or think we should prioritise you can email and we collate all suggestions to help us plan and prioritise future learning and training creation. We cannot guarantee that anything you request will be created.