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UK: Government's teaching guidance will have 'chilling effect'

Know Your Rights (And Claim Them) Book
Know Your Rights (And Claim Them) Book © Andersen Press

Education Secretary rolls out guidance for teachers on how to address social justice issues

Move comes after debate over the teaching of anti-racism in Brighton schools

In response to the Government issuing new country-wide guidance to schools on how to approach the teaching of social justice issues, Rowena Seabrook, Amnesty International UK’s Humans Rights Education Manager, said:

“The Government’s guidance for schools is unnecessary - and it will have a chilling effect in classrooms across the country.

“Suggesting that teachers should not use material from social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter is entirely partisan, and lacks balance and safe spaces for students to explore issues labelled ‘controversial’.

“The Government’s guidance points out that freedom of speech shouldn’t be undermined, so it’s perfectly reasonable to allow schools to examine topics like these from a variety of viewpoints – including leading social justice organisations.”

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