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Resources for Amnesty Trainers

© Marie-Anne Ventoura, Amnesty International

As an Amnesty Trainer you are an invaluable asset to our Human Rights Education programme. 

Here you can find the latest resources and training sessions or feedback on your sessions.

Do get in touch to let us know what you've been doing, if you need any support or just to say hello. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Introducing our work

  • Presentation and facilitation notes for trainers

Download Introduction to Amnesty training pack

Download a two-page introduction to human rights education

Freshers Toolkit - Intro to Amnesty and Human Rights

This is a trainer resource. This presentation can be used during Fresher’s week or throughout the academic year.

Ban Israeli Settlement Goods training toolkit

This training toolkit has been created by Amnesty International UK on the Ban Israeli Settlement Goods campaign which campaigns on over 50 years of human rights violations in Occupied Palestinian Territories where the construction of illegal settlements has led to many human rights abuses.

The training pack contains the following materials to support you whilst delivering training:

  • PowerPoint and Notes
  • Info sheet - Ban Israeli Settlement Goods
  • Campaign Briefing 1 - Israel Palestine 50 years of occupation
  • Campaign Briefing 2 - Settlement trade briefing LoRes April 2018
  • Info sheet - Guide to Respectful Conversations
  • FAQ Sheet - Ban Israeli Settlement Goods FINAL
  • Ban Israeli Settlement Goods work with orgs
  • Blog - Why Palestinians risk their lives

Download the Ban Israeli Settlement Goods training toolkit

BRAVE training pack

This training pack has been created by Amnesty International UK on the BRAVE global campaign which campaigns to strengthen the recognition and protection of human rights defenders.

The training pack contains the following materials to support you whilst delivering training:

  • BRAVE cover page
  • BRAVE presentation and facilitation notes
  • BRAVE report – Human Rights Defenders Under Threat
  • BRAVE campaign brief
  • BRAVE activity case sheet
  • BRAVE info sheet: global cases
  • BRAVE info sheet: case country profile
  • BRAVE campaign leaflet

Download the BRAVE training pack

Stop Torture campaign resources

  • Presentation for trainers
  • Campaign brief
  • Stop Torture FAQs
  • Resource links
  • Facilitation notes

Download Stop Torture pack

My Body My Rights campaign resources

The My Body, My Rights training pack contains the following materials to support training:

  • Training Pack cover Sheet
  • Presentation and Facilitation Notes
  • SRR Glossary of Terms
  • MBMR Case Studies Sheet
  • MBMR Policy Primer (available on Trainers forum only)
  • Activity Sheet: MBMR Dealing with difficult situations
  • MBMR Q&A (available on Trainers forum only)
  • MBMR Social Media Guidelines (available on Trainers forum only)
  • MBMR Trainers Campaign Brief
  • MBMR Links to Resources

Download My Body, My Rights training pack

Human Rights Act campaign resources

  • Presentation and notes
  • Human Rights Act cases
  • Human Rights Act Q&A
  • Human Rights Act FAQs
  • Media Handbook

Download the Human Rights Act campaign pack

Refugees and I Welcome resources pack

  • I Welcome Refugees Training Presentation and Facilitation Notes
  • I Welcome Campaign Training Presentation and Facilitation Notes
  • I Welcome Training FAQ
  • I Welcome Training Activity - Defining People on the Move
  • I Welcome Training Activity - Moving Forward
  • I Welcome Training Resource Links

Download Refugee resource pack

Death penalty resource pack

  • PowerPoint Presentation with facilitation notes
  • Activity Sheet 1: For and Against the Death Penalty 
  • Activity Sheet 2: Death Penalty Quiz with Answers
  • Report: Death Sentences and Execution in 2014
  • Links to Resources
  • Death Penalty FAQs.
  • Additional Death Penalty Q&A  

Download death penalty resource pack

360 Syria Training Pack

  • 360 Syria VR Headset Online Module
  • Online Module
  • Syria 360 Training Presentation
  • Starter Activity - Scavenger Hunt
  • Fact Sheet - Aleppo 360
  • Activity - 360 Syria A Day in the Life of
  • Syria Action Sheet
  • Activity - 360 Syria Think Points
  • FAQ Sheet

Download 360 Syria Training Pack

Get in touch

We are here to help and offer advice. Email us at

Feedback on the training you have delivered

You should log all the sessions you deliver.

Telling us about the training sessions you have delivered enables us to monitor the invaluable work you are doing and supports us in ensuring activists receive updates on the campaign following your visit.