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Invite an Amnesty activist educator to your school or group

Engaging with local activists is a great way for school students to learn about human rights and action for a rights-respecting society. Connecting with local activists gives your school the opportunity to immerse your pupils in human rights education for a lesson, workshop or assembly.

Local Groups

Schools can find local activists in their area via Amnesty Local Groups and Student Groups. Local groups offer an opportunity to meet like-minded people who really make a difference, there are over 150 groups across the UK, so you’re bound to find one that suits you. 

Amnesty Local Groups
Student Groups

You can find out more about activism in schools by visiting our Youth Groups page.


Local activists come from all kinds of different backgrounds who share a commitment to delivering human rights education in local schools. Connecting with a local activist gives the opportunity to educate your pupils on a number of issues. 

To find out more about networks of local activists campaigning on specific themes please contact the email addresses below:

Amnesty Feminists:
Rainbow Network:
Anti-Death Penalty Project:
Children’s Human Rights Network:

If you would like to learn more about human rights in particular countries or regions of the world, please contact our Country Coordinators

Connecting with Activists

Some activists are specifically trained to work with young people. Whilst we expand our pool of activist educators, we have paused accepting new requests from schools for 2023 school visits. 


Local activists and schools are encouraged to connect and learn about human rights in their communities. Amnesty International UK does not monitor or oversee the activities of local activists in schools. 

School staff arranging visits are responsible for conducting any safeguarding checks that are required and arranging for activists to be accompanied while on site.

When arranging activities with schools, activists are encouraged to ask about and comply with the safeguarding policies and practices of the school. However, Amnesty International UK does not conduct safeguarding checks for most activists although guidance and training is available. 
All activists are asked to follow the safeguarding policies, procedures and guidelines available at AIUK’s designated safeguarding leads can be contacted at any time by emailing