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Mar 28 2002 12:00 am

Amnesty International is also calling for a resolution concerning the human rights situation in Zimbabwe at the UN Commission on Human Rights now meeting in Geneva. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and...

Mar 28 2002 12:00 am
Africa: Human Rights must be at the heart of the New Partnership for Africa's Development

Amnesty International welcomes that the NEPAD texts specify that 'the expansion of democratic frontiers and the deepening of the culture of human rights' are to be a foundational element of the NEPAD...

Mar 27 2002 12:00 am
Belarus: More arrests amidst welcome release of prisoner of conscience

'Andrey Klimov's four-year imprisonment epitomises the blatant disregard for human rights in Belarus and the scant value placed on freedom of expression in the country,' Amnesty International stated...

Mar 26 2002 12:00 am
Jamaica: attorney general's brave stance against the death penalty must be turned into action

'Many political leaders in the Caribbean are privately against hanging, knowing it to be a violation of human rights and ineffective in preventing crime. The example of the Attorney General's brave...

Mar 26 2002 12:00 am
Guatemala: Twenty years crying for justice

'Guatemala may have 'disappeared' from the focus of international attention, but the tragedy of a country which has still not confronted the massive suffering and loss of life of its recent past...

Mar 26 2002 12:00 am
Countdown to the International Criminal Court - only 4 more ratifications needed

Only four more ratifications are now needed for the Statute to come into force and the Court to be established. 'Fifty-six states have so far shown their commitment towards ending impunity for the...

Mar 25 2002 12:00 am

However, following reports that an Islamic court in Bakori, Katsina State, northern Nigeria has sentenced another woman (identified in reports as Amina Lawal) to death-by-stoning for adultery as...

Mar 22 2002 12:00 am
China: Extensive crackdown on Uighurs to counter 'terrorism' must stop

The report describes new anti-terrorism provisions in Chinese law and the crackdown against 'terrorist, separatist and illegal religious activities' currently underway in the Xinjiang Uighur...

Mar 20 2002 12:00 am
Nepal: Lack of rule of law only adds to instability

'Journalists, academics, lawyers and human rights defenders have been arrested and detained for long periods of time simply because they are believed to be sympathetic to the Communist Party of Nepal...

Mar 20 2002 12:00 am
Israel/Occupied Territories/Palestinian Authority: The perils of avoiding human rights

'If General Zinni does not put human rights squarely on the table with both Israelis and Palestinians he may as well pack his bags now,' said Curt Goering, Deputy Executive Director of Amnesty...