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Jan 31 2002 12:00 am
TUNISIA: Military tribunal sentences civilians to heavy prison terms

Mounir Ghaith, Abdelbasset Dali and Bechir Ben Zayed, three Tunisian nationals living abroad were arrested in Tunisia last summer. They have been denied basic rights during the judicial process...

Jan 31 2002 12:00 am
The Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism: a serious threat to human rights

'Measures to prevent 'terrorism' can only be effective if they also guarantee and protect human rights. Security and human rights go hand in hand - and are not alternative options,' the organisation...

Jan 31 2002 12:00 am
Caribbean: A first step towards abolishing the death penalty?

The ruling held the mandatory imposition of the death penalty is unconstitutional, as it amounts to inhuman and degrading punishment. It was delivered on 2 April 2001 by the Eastern Caribbean Court of...

Jan 29 2002 12:00 am
Zimbabwe: No confidence in the electoral process without local election monitors

'International and regional observers, even if they are allowed into Zimbabwe in the next week, would work best alongside local civil society observers who are experienced in detecting vote rigging,'...

Jan 29 2002 12:00 am
Sri Lanka: Landmark judgement on rape case

'This is a landmark judgement. It is the first time that the court has awarded compensation to a rape victim, confirming that rape in custody constitutes torture ,' Amnesty International said. Amnesty...

Jan 29 2002 12:00 am
AUSTRALIA: Ten-year-old policy of detention is failing

'Of immediate concern is the mental health of the detainees - hunger strikes, self-harm and attempted suicides of detainees have obvious roots in extreme desperation. This is created by the combined...

Jan 28 2002 12:00 am
TANZANIA: Amnesty International welcomes creation of commission of inquiry into Zanzibar killings and violence

The report - Tanzania: Human rights concerns relating to demonstrations in Zanzibar on 27 January 2001 - details human rights violations committed by the security forces before, during and after the...

Jan 28 2002 12:00 am

The report 'Sri Lanka: Rape in custody' gives evidence of Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights being blindfolded, beaten, forcibly stripped and raped. Amnesty International is...

Jan 28 2002 12:00 am

Tracy Housel, who is widely believed to have received an unfair trial, will have been on death row in Georgia for 16 years on 7 February. He faces becoming the first British national to be executed in...

Jan 25 2002 12:00 am
Viet Nam/Cambodia: Future of Montagnard refugees at risk

A report of the January 21 meeting in Phnom Penh, signed by all three parties, makes no mention of the fact that any return of refugees to Viet Nam must be voluntary and that the right of individuals...