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Jan 24 2001 12:00 am
CHECHNYA - A joint statement by human rights groups

Russian forces on sweep (in Russian, zachistka, or 'cleansing') operations in towns and villages continue to arbitrarily arrest, loot, and use disproportionate force against civilians. According to...

Jan 23 2001 12:00 am
The armed forces and Carabineros* must disclose the full truth

'Although it is significant that the armed forces and carabineros acknowledged the tragic deaths of 200 people who had been arrested,' the organisation said, 'after 27 years of unabated denial, the...

Jan 23 2001 12:00 am
Summary execution of civilians in Yakaolang

'This brutal treatment of civilians simply has to end,' the human rights organisation said. 'These deeply disturbing reports once again underline the need for action by the international community to...

Jan 23 2001 12:00 am

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said: 'Iraq's appalling record of political killings and torture is well known in Britain, yet we often seem to forget that these abuses are directly...

Jan 23 2001 12:00 am
Amnesty International urges the unconditional release of four prisoners of conscience.

'These four individuals have been imprisoned for five years without charge or trial for their non-violent political and religious activities and their detention must end,' Amnesty International said...

Jan 19 2001 12:00 am
Statements by Minister of National Security could encourage unjustified use of lethal force

Minister Knight was quoted as stating: 'The police must be able, if challenged [by gunmen] to respond swiftly, efficiently and effectively...I know I am going to be criticised for this, but gunmen who...

Jan 18 2001 12:00 am

During Mr Bush's five-year governorship in Texas 152 men and Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights were put to death, almost twice the number killed in any other state in over two...

Jan 17 2001 12:00 am
New wave of political oppression

'The increasing number of people jailed for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression, clearly demonstrates the level to which the government will go in order to weaken the political...

Jan 16 2001 12:00 am
Franco-African Summit must take prompt action to end torture and ill-treatment

'Strong action taken by the political leaders attending the summit is needed to send a clear message to the perpetrators that torture will not be tolerated and that those responsible will be brought...

Jan 16 2001 12:00 am
Conscientious objectors can return to Yugoslavia

The main provisions of the law apply to an estimated 24,000 men, including conscientious objectors and deserters who refused to take part in the conflicts in former Yugoslavia. The bill covers those...