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Oct 30 2000 12:00 am
IVORY COAST: Amnesty International appeal to all parties

The organisation demands that those responsible for the security forces protect the human rights of the whole population, including foreign nationals who have been taken to task by other civilians or...

Oct 30 2000 12:00 am
Amnesty International condemns death of another ELN hostage

On 17 September 2000 on the road between Cali and Buenaventura, department of Valle del Cauca, the ELN abducted over 60 people. Many were subsequently released, whilst 25 remained captive. Carlos...

Oct 27 2000 12:00 am
Ratification of the International Criminal Court Rome Statute - one more step away from impunity, one step closer to justice

The organisation welcomed this positive step by Spain, which on 25 October 2000 deposited instruments of ratification with the office of the United Nations Secretary-General. It is the 22nd country to...

Oct 27 2000 12:00 am
Open letter to Sri Lanka's President on the killing of 26 detainees

Police and army personnel deployed at the rehabilitation camp failed to protect the inmates from villagers armed with machetes and clubs. There are further allegations that some of them may have been...

Oct 27 2000 12:00 am
Failure to investigate deaths cheapens life

'Human life is being cheapened by a mindset which seems to regard the killing of more than 130 Palestinians, including nearly 40 Children's rights, and the killing of two detained Israeli soldiers as...

Oct 25 2000 12:00 am
Proposal to legalise impunity even further is unacceptable

'Laws such as the 1995 Amnesty Laws, which halt investigations and judicial proceedings into cases of human rights violations, are in breach of international law as well as an affront to the victims...

Oct 24 2000 12:00 am

Israeli forces have used US-supplied helicopter gunships to violate the human rights of Palestinians in punitive attacks – on civilians, including Children's rights - where there was no imminent...

Oct 23 2000 12:00 am
Uighur man reportedly tortured to death

'This case highlights the urgent need for international action on torture. Abdulhelil Abdumijit, a 31-year old street trader from Gulja city in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR), was accused of...

Oct 23 2000 12:00 am
The statute of the Special Court must make all recruitment of Children's rights under 15 a crime

'Any recruitment of Children's rights under the age of 15 is a crime under international law,' the organisation said.' It is therefore unacceptable to include only abduction and forced recruitment of...

Oct 20 2000 12:00 am
New convictions overshadow releases

In its new report entitled 'Cuba: Prisoners of conscience: New convictions overshadow releases.' , Amnesty International highlighted its concern about prisoners of conscience in Cuba. In July, Nestor...