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Jul 31 2000 12:00 am
UN Human Rights Committee findings

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides for the Human Rights Committee to routinely examine reports by state parties on their records of implementing covenant rights. In...

Jul 31 2000 12:00 am
Amnesty International applauds European calls for federal moratorium on death penalty

'The increasing number of executions in the United States is of grave concern to the international community, including the member states of the European Union,' said AIUSA Executive Director William...

Jul 27 2000 12:00 am
Muslim Brothers on trial must be released

'This trial should never have taken place. The 20 defendants have been taken to court on charges which merely amount to the exercise of the rights to freedom of expression and association as...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
Secret justice is no justice

Miroslav Filipovic was arrested on 8 May in Kraljevo, southern Serbia, and faces charges of espionage and disseminating false information. He is being tried in a military court, and the prosecution...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
Rights denied - Europeans on death row

In a new report entitled Worlds Apart, the organisation details the cases of 10 European citizens on death row in the USA. European countries whose nationals are currently on death row include Estonia...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
Ending impunity - an opportunity not to be missed

In a report published today, Amnesty International is making recommendations for the establishment of a judicial mechanism under the auspices of the UN to try those alleged to have been responsible...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
disidents must have a fair trial

Cuban dissident Nestor Rodríguez Lobaina and his co-defendant must be granted full judicial guarantees, including access to a lawyer of their choice, Amnesty International said today on the eve of...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
Detrimental effect of emergency regulations on human rights

Amnesty International today released a report entitled 'Sri Lanka: New emergency regulations -- erosion of human rights protection'. In particular, the report highlights the removal of several...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
Death threats and violence against opposition continues

Amnesty International is particularly concerned by reports of soldiers beating civilians in suburbs of Harare and Kwekwe because they live in areas where people voted for the opposition. Death threats...

Jul 26 2000 12:00 am
Coup leader's arrest prompts fears for civilians and hostages

It is not yet clear under what charges, if any, Speight and the others are being held, reportedly at military barracks in Suva. A far-reaching amnesty, part of an agreement that led to the recent...