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Apr 06 2000 12:00 am
Journalist detained in self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

ÏIf, as some reports reveal, Vagram Aghajanian was detained solely in connection with recent articles critical of the Karabakhi authorities, then this would be a serious blow to freedom of expression...

Apr 06 2000 12:00 am

'Regrettably, this statement fails to address the substantive concerns detailed in our latest report on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia,' Amnesty International said. The statement as...

Apr 06 2000 12:00 am
CHECHNYA: Crime and punishment

Amnesty International takes no position on the membership of states to intergovernmental organisations, however, today's decision by the Council of Europe is a strong and clear message that human...

Apr 05 2000 12:00 am
The people of Niger have the right to truth and justice

'After two successive military coups in 1996 and 1999, Niger needs truth and justice iq order to prevent further human rights abuses in future,' Amnesty International said today. The truth about the...

Apr 05 2000 12:00 am
Bosnian Serbs' decision to cooperate with Tribunal - a major step forward

According to media reports, the files handed over to International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia contained 1,200 pages of documents and video and audio cassettes relating to 440...

Apr 04 2000 12:00 am

Amnesty International's latest Concerns in Europe report describes the human rights situation in 34 countries from July to December 1999. Torture and ill-treatment were reported in 27 countries and...

Apr 04 2000 12:00 am
Abuse of the Public Safety Act in Jammu and Kashmir

Recently released Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Abdul Gani Bhat and Maulana Abass Ansari, were among 25 leaders of the APHC detained last September and October under the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act...

Apr 03 2000 12:00 am
Violence against peaceful demonstrators must stop immediately

'Acts of violence create a climate of fear where individuals are unable to excercise their rights to freedom of expression and association,' Amnesty International said. 'This can also jeopardize the...

Apr 02 2000 12:00 am
Wrongfully imprisoned Ã’ the price of conscience

'Rodolfo Montiel Flores and Teodoro Cabrera GarcÃa are prisoners of conscience ,' Amnesty International declared on Saturday 1 April. 'Their only crime was to oppose logging operations threatening...

Apr 02 2000 12:00 am
Kashmir killings

The protesters were calling for the return of the bodies of five alleged militants who had earlier been killed by security forces. Protesters claimed they had been arrested before being killed in...