Invite an Amnesty Speaker to your school

Amnesty school speakers form a vital part of our programme of human rights education around the country. Our speakers offer your school the opportunity to engage and immerse your pupils in human rights education for a lesson, workshop or assembly.

What Amnesty Speakers do

We believe that human rights education is cross-curricular and sessions can be made relevant to your subject area. Amnesty Speakers deliver thought-provoking sessions that can be presented in a style and tone appropriate for the audience.

For example:

  • In primary schools an Amnesty Speaker could creatively explore human rights principles like respect and dignity using our children’s picture books.
  • In secondary schools an Amnesty Speaker could explore a current issue and our campaigns on areas such as torture or refugee rights. 

Amnesty Speakers are volunteers from all different backgrounds who have in common their commitment to delivering human rights education in their local schools. Our Speakers list provides a profile, location and contact details for each Speaker. 

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What schools have to say:

  • 'Thought provoking and highly educational.'
  • 'The children were animated and enthused.'
  • 'An absolutely amazing speaker.’

Request an Amnesty Speaker to visit your school

Amnesty Speakers are volunteers and they will not charge to visit your establishment, however we do request that you cover travel expenses.

When to book an Amnesty Speaker

Amnesty Speakers can be booked for any point in the school year. For ideas on when to request a session you could look at the international days observed by the United Nations.

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