Feb 1 2018 9:05PM
February 2018 Meeting
Thanks for a productive meeting last Monday. We decided to work more on the I Welcome refugees campaign & for LGBTI rights. We want to continue concentrating on the Peace Community of San Jose in Colombia, Azza Soliman from Egypt & hum...
Jan 3 2018 9:04PM
January 2018 meeting
Happy new year everyone! Our first meeting of 2018 is next Monday, 8 th January at 8pm. Keith has agreed to talk to us about his time in Palestine as an Ecumenical Accompanier, which must have been a fascinating experience. You can rea...
Nov 19 2017 3:11PM
December Meeting
A quick reminder for our meeting on Monday 4 th December, when we will be signing cards to individuals at risk. Bring a pen & some food to share & we’ll sign cards to everyone in the Write For Rights booklet. In a couple of days I am g...
Oct 30 2017 8:12PM
November meeting
Thanks for a great turn out last night. I’ve already had a thank you email from James for the lively discussion & all the donated clothes. We had a special speaker for our November meeting. James Wilson from the Gatwick Detainees Welfa...
Sep 26 2017 7:17PM
October meeting
Don’t forget our meeting next Monday, 2 nd October. The Country Co-ordinator for Egypt, Hugh Sandeman is coming along to talk to us about the case of Azza Soliman, a lawyer who faces constant harassment from the authorities because she...
Aug 31 2017 5:31PM
September meeting
Please do remember our meeting on Monday, 4th September. I hope everyone had a great summer, but there’s plenty of work to do to improve human rights! We have a busy season planned: Monday 2nd October: a speaker on human rights in Egyp...
Jul 23 2017 5:40PM
August Update
Thank you very much to everyone who helped with our stall at the end of July. Despite the weather we managed to have several good conversations, get signatures supporting refugees & gather over £35 of donations. The target was to chall...
Jun 24 2017 12:14PM
July meeting
We are going to try something slightly different for our next meeting, on Monday 3 rd July, and make the next meeting a bit more collaborative. Please could you volunteer to take on one of the cases in this list? https://www.amnesty.or...
Jun 4 2017 6:38PM
June meeting
Please do remember our meeting tomorrow at 8pm. We’ll be working on the refugee campaign, I Welcome. You can find some interesting myth busting here: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/truth-about-refugees It’s important to acknowledge that wh...
Apr 1 2017 6:20PM
April meeting
Come to learn more on human rights in Israel & OPT this Monday 8pm, music room, Trinity Church, Brewery Rd. Free talk, all welcome.