Mar 22 2016 6:26PM
Human Rights Act and Lobbying MPS Workshop
Great workshop on the Human Rights act on Monday 20th March. Debora Singer explained how the Human rights act came into being. What it does and how it works.
Feb 27 2016 8:25PM
Take action – ask your MP to help refugees safely reunite with their families.…
Feb 27 2016 7:46PM
Campaign stall at Croxley Revels
Campaign stall at Croxley Revels
Feb 27 2016 7:32PM
Human rights in Saudi Arabia Public Meeting
Human rights in Saudi Arabia
Feb 27 2016 7:29PM
Training in lobbying Meeting
Monday 21 March 2016, Training in Lobbying Meeting. 20.00 PM - 21.30 PM
Dec 2 2015 3:29PM
Write For Rights
Along with many other Amnesty groups across the UK, The Watford Amnesty group held their annual Write for Rights event on Monday 30th November 2015.
Nov 21 2015 3:06PM
Herts Welcomes Refugee Families
Four Amnesty International groups in Hertfordshire, have joined together