About this group

St Albans Amnesty International Group.

Welcome to the St Albans group of Amnesty International.

We meet every second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Friends Meeting House, 7 Upper Lattimore Road, St Albans, AL1 3UD, except in August when there is no meeting

Some of the members have been working for AIUK for many years (all members are volunteers) but some have joined recently.

At each meeting, campaign actions, referred to groups by AIUK, are introduced. Background details are circulated for the writing of individual campaign letters at home and there are usually campaign letters for the group to sign jointly, including an action relating to the current month. There is discussion of current political and human rights issues and of fund-raising for AIUK. From time to time we invite guest speakers.

The group has adopted certain human rights areas for continuous attention and individual group members look after individual areas.

The group aims to:

  • campaign with letter writing and lobbying

  • raise local awareness about human rights

  • organise events and stalls

  • fundraise

The present members hold office in the group:

Chair:                 Rotates through experienced members

Secretary:          Louise Chick

Treasurer:          Penny Williams

Media Officer:    Judy Jacques


If you decide to stay with the group there is a small annual group subscription, which at present is £7.50 waged and £3.50 unwaged.

Amnesty International UK campaigns which this group acts upon:

Death Penalty
Human Rights in the UK
Iguala students (Ayotzinapa)
I Welcome
South Asia/Rohingyas
Gulf States
Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories
Central America

Our adopted individual at risk: 

Fray Tomas  Gonzalez in Mexico