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2021 (7)
Jun 29 2021 6:18AM
July meeting with Guildford group

Monday July 12th Meeting . Don't forget, that's the second Monday in July and we are guests of Guildford group. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and the speaker, Kristyan Benedict, will talk about Syria and all its Human Rights issues and...

Jul 20 2021 9:24PM
July update

Our joint meeting in July with the Guildford group was on Syria. It was riveting and we look forward to them being our guests later this year. Kristyan's revelations about Syria, and Amnesty's instrumental contribution in identifying...

Sep 1 2021 10:08AM
September update

Our September meeting was brilliant. Sue Bingham updated on Cuba and asked us to go to the Amnesty website, choose Cuba and take action. If you'd like to follow developments in Cuba, Sue does a commentary on Twitter @sue4cuba and Sue...

Oct 2 2021 10:43AM
October Meeting - THURSDAY

Don't expect to login on Monday evening. Next week it'll be Thursday 7th October 7.30-9.00pm. Keith will be hosting/chairing. Please let us know if you need a Zoom link. 1/ Meeting Agenda . "Amnesty Rights Raid" week of action to...

Oct 29 2021 9:27AM
November Meeting

The November meeting was good and attended by Peter Leslie and Jane. We discussed options for next year but with a very small quorum nothing major could really be committed to. For the Spring of 2022 Jane is arranging for a Country...

Dec 3 2021 8:52PM
December Write for Rights

With an upsurge in Covid, new restrictions and the size of the room at Trinity, we have decided that meet once again on ZOOM this coming Monday 6th December at 7.30pm. This is our annual Write for Rights meeting and an opportunity to...

Dec 22 2021 7:46AM
Plans for 2022

It was nice to see everyone at the Write for Rights zoom meeting. Thanks for dropping in your card bundles, they have all been posted. Egypt: You will remember Mohamed Baker the Human Rights lawyer to whom we wrote Christmas cards...