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July meeting with Guildford group

Monday July 12th  Meeting. Don't forget, that's the second Monday in July and we are guests of Guildford group. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and the speaker, Kristyan Benedict, will talk about Syria and all its Human Rights issues and it should prove to be very interesting indeed.

Just email if you need the link sent to you.

Fundraising - Anne has suggested an Amnestea as a possibility but before we make anyone go to the trouble we'll need to know firm commitments amongst us all.

August meeting -  There is no scheduled meeting in August.

Autumn 2021 Schedule. I think we can safely mark Monday December 6th for a Trinity Hall meeting but for earlier ones we'll make Zoom the default with change according to the situation. For meetings Sept, Oct, Nov, possible subjects are Human Rights Act, Modern Slavery, and review of Palestine, N.Africa, India, Caribbean and others.

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