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2019 (5)
Jul 30 2019 5:07PM
Refugees Welcome Event 23rd July 2019

A couple of months ago, Lancashire County Council approached Fylde Coast Amnesty Group with a request that we help organise a welcome event for the “soon to arrive “Syrian Refugee families who were to be resettled in Fylde District...

Jul 17 2019 4:22PM
Up coming events

Saturday 20 July 2019 We are having a street collection in Lytham and Ansdell Tuesday 23 July 2019 Fylde Coast Amnesty is very much involved in a 'welcome' event for the 6 Syrian refugee families who have recently been placed in Fylde.

Jul 17 2019 3:50PM
Carnival time 2

St Anne’s Carnival On Saturday 6 July the Fylde Coast Amnesty group set off, with our large yellow banner to walk in the carnival parade in order to further raise awareness of our presence in the area. The day started off dull but...

Jul 17 2019 3:19PM
Carnival time

Blackpool Bride On Saturday 8 June the Fylde Coast Amnesty group supported Blackpool Pride as we always do. I’d love to say that we were a happy little band walking along in the sunshine and enjoying the company of the LGBTI community...

Feb 27 2019 2:51PM
A catch up on the Fylde Coast Amnesty group's activities

Fylde Coast Amnesty Group News The Fylde Coast Group has had quite a busy year. Our numbers are growing and we now have approximately 24 active members and many more on our mailing list. In April we held a fund raising event which was...