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2021 (15)
Nov 22 2021 6:41PM
Winter Social

This year we are pleased to have a face-to-face Winter Social again, on Tuesday 14th December. We will be meeting at the Christmas market at 6pm for some Gluhwein, followed by the Chequers for drinks and/or meal at 7:30pm. Everyone is...

Nov 1 2021 8:45AM
The Anti-refugee Bill - what's going to happen and how can we fight it?

The next online Oxford City Amnesty group meeting is on Tuesday 16th November at 7:15pm. We are pleased to have Dr. Hari Reed, from Asylum Welcome, joining us to talk about the Anti-refugee Bill and what we can do about it. Meetings...

Oct 2 2021 2:48PM
Stop the Rights Raid

"Stop the Rights Raid" Week of Action Human Rights in the UK are under threat from legislation currently before the Westminster Parliament. An attempt to weaken the Human Rights Act is likely to follow soon. POLICE, CRIME, SENTENCING...

Oct 14 2021 8:25AM
Forced Organ Transplants in China: Our group's successful AGM resolution

The next online Oxford City Amnesty group meeting is on Tuesday 19th October at 7:15pm. The focus of the meeting will be on forced organ transplants in China and we are pleased to have the following guests attending: Alec Lau- a Falun...

Sep 8 2021 9:05AM
Modern Slavery in the UK

The next online group meeting is on Tuesday 21st September, at 7:15pm. Simon John, Secretary of the Rotary Action Group against Slavery and Secretary of the Amnesty International Thetford Group, will be joining us to talk about modern...

Aug 24 2021 8:45AM
Harvesting the organs for transplant, from religious prisoners, including Uyghur Muslims

Thousands persecuted and killed for their religious and spiritual beliefs. The world’s least known crime against humanity. The use of prisoners in camps and secret jails as a source of organs for transplants. It is ‘beyond reasonable...

Jul 5 2021 8:40AM
Summer Social

Join us for an informal summer social (Face-to-Face this time - outdoors and socially-distanced!). All welcome, at The Isis Farmhouse pub on Tuesday 20th July. Drop us an email ( if you'd like to meet nearby...

Jun 10 2021 6:15PM
Gender based violence and lack of justice in South Africa

The next Oxford City monthly local group online meeting is on Tuesday 15th June, at 7:15pm. We are pleased to have Matlida Phiri, Amnesty's coordinator for South Africa, talk to us about Amnesty's new campaign on gender based violence...

May 17 2021 8:43AM
May Local Group Online Meeting

Our next online group meeting is on Tuesday 18th May, 7.15pm. The main focus of the meeting will be a review of the Central England Festival of Social Justice so far. Anyone will be welcome to talk about festival events that they have...

Apr 3 2021 1:16PM
Festival of Social Justice

Oxford City Amnesty International group is to take part in an online Festival of Social Justice featuring talks, music, debates and celebrations which will be streamed into people’s homes. The Festival of Social Justice between April...