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2020 (4)
May 14 2020 4:09PM
Wednesday 20 May 6pm: Defending human rights under the COVID-19 pandemic

How to defeat the pandemic and protect human rights. A conversation with Amnesty International UK about challenges to human rights in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK and worldwide. Join an online meeting of Amnesty...

Mar 16 2020 11:36AM
Thursday 19 March: Meeting cancelled

We've decided to postpone our Kingston Amnesty meeting due on Thursday 19 March, and also to put off any campaigning in the market place in Kingston, while the risk of infection remains high. We still have a date to provide coffee and...

Feb 4 2020 10:16PM
New plans for Kingston Amnesty Group

We've decided it's time to change our regular meetings from once a month to once each quarter, to reflect changing preferences for doing things rather than talking. So we won't be having the planned meeting in February, but will be...

Jan 10 2020 8:38PM
Friday 16 January: Homelessness meeting

Our next meeting of the Kingston Amnesty Group is on Thursday 16 January, next week, at 8PM at the cafe at the New Malden Methodist Church - it's going to be about homelessness. Camilla Wheal, Communications Officer for Kingston...