2015 (30)
Dec 22 2015 3:15PM
Saturday 9 January 2016: 'Write for Rights' campaigning in Kingston
We will be concluding our campaigning for the annual 'Write for Rights' campaign, probably in the cafe area inside All Saints church rather than at our usual campaigning spot outside the church gat
Dec 11 2015 1:37PM
Thursday 21 January (at 8pm): Western Balkans - Fear and Fences
Deepa Shah, Amnesty International's Balkans Country Co-ordinator, will be talking about human rights violations in the busiest irregular passage to the European Union.
Dec 11 2015 1:36PM
Saturday 12 December: 'Write for Rights' campaigning in Kingston
We'll be continuing our 'Write for Rights' card-signing campaign in Kingston and New Malden. If you're free to help between 10.30 - 12.30, please contact Ash on amnestykingston@ymail.com .
Oct 18 2015 12:03PM
Monday 30 November: 'Curry and Conscience' evening
Come and join our 'Curry and Conscience' evening at the Prithi Restuarant on Ewell Road, Surbiton.
Oct 18 2015 11:55AM
Thursday 19 November (at 8pm): 'Write for Rights' Open Evening
Please come and bring a friend (or two!) to our 'Write fo rRights' Open Evening where we hope to write as many cards of support to the people featured in this year's campaign as we can.
Oct 18 2015 11:51AM
Saturday 14 November: Write for Rights campaigning in Kingston
We'll be kicking off Amnesty's 2015l Write for Rights campaign in Kingston. If you can spare an hour or so between 10 am and 1 pm to help, please contact Ash on amnestykingston@ymail.com
Oct 18 2015 11:43AM
Saturday 24 October: support our coffee morning in New Malden!
We'll be running the coffee morning at the New Malden Methodist Church between 10 am and noon. Please come and support us. Delicious homemade cakes and biscuits will be on sale.
Sep 20 2015 11:56AM
Thursday 16 October (at 8pm): open meeting
We're asking members who have a human rights interest in a particular country to give a 10-15 min informal talk to the meeting.
Sep 20 2015 11:51AM
Saturday 10 October: street event in Kingston
We'll be holding a street event outside Bentalls as our contribution to Amnesty's London-wide annual street collection. We'll be asking people to sign a 'Stop Torture' card.