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Friday 16 January: Homelessness meeting

Our next meeting of the Kingston Amnesty Group is on Thursday 16 January, next week, at 8PM at the cafe at the New Malden Methodist Church - it's going to be about homelessness.

Camilla Wheal, Communications Officer for Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness, is going to give us a briefing about the problem of homelessness here in Kingston, and will talk about what we as people who live here can do.  There's a growing concern within Amnesty in the UK about the rights of homeless people and how we can help to defend them.

This will be a great meeting to bring some friends or family along too.

You may remember that there was a resolution at the 2018 annual general meeting of Amnesty, which called for action to prevent homelessness and to protect the rights of people who'd lost their homes.  Amnesty's staff have just updated their report on what they're doing to implement this resolution. Please see the related link for further details.

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