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Aug 11 2017 4:26PM
Why I'm volunteering for Amnesty at the Edinburgh Festival
Guest blog from Amnesty FestiVol Rona MacNicol : As a fulltime student and with a part time job, it is often challenging to immerse and involve myself with the organisati...
Aug 11 2017 4:24PM
Freedom of Expression Award 2017
The Freedom of Expression Award honours an Edinburgh Festival Fringe theatre production of excellent artistic merit that builds understanding and raises awareness about h...
Aug 10 2017 12:43PM
Bureaucratic Borders – The Hurdles Faced by Migrants to the UK / Lee Caspi
Immigration has been at the forefront of political discourse in the UK in recent years. The issue was one of the focal points of the Brexit campaign, and harsher immigrat...
Aug 3 2017 5:51PM
Catastrophe for refugees and migrants once again beckons in the Central Mediterranean
As the Italian Government makes the cruel decision to send warships to assist the coastguard in returning people to Libya, we need to demand that EU leaders instead make saving lives the priority.
Aug 2 2017 11:38AM
London Memorial for Liu Xiaobo three weeks after his passing
August 2 will be the 21st day since the passing of Liu Xiaobo, the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to die in state custody since Nazi Germany. Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to...