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June 2017 (3)
Jun 19 2017 4:44PM
Author Bali Rai on new Amnesty CILIP Honour winner 'The Bone Sparrow'

Written by Bali Rai, author and Amnesty CILIP Honour judge Judging this year’s Amnesty Honour Award was far from simple. A wonderful shortlist of novels, each touching on some aspect of human rights, made things very difficult. And for...

Jun 19 2017 4:26PM
Illustrator Ross Collins on choosing The Journey to win the Amnesty CILIP Honour 2017

Written by Ross Collins, Amnesty CILIP Honour winner 2016 It’s always lovely to be asked to judge something. It means that other people are under the illusion that you know what you’re doing. I was so proud to win last year’s CILIP...

Jun 6 2017 4:02PM
Illustrator and Waterstones Children’s Laureate UK Chris Riddell upholds children's rights

Amnesty Ambassador Chris Riddell will step down as the 9 th Children's Laureate on 7 June, a day ahead of the General Election. He has written a statement calling on the UK to urgently address three key human rights issues that affect...