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2014 (4)
Dec 24 2014 10:46AM
2014: A botched year for the death penalty

What’s the biggest reason you have for not supporting the death penalty? The straight morality of using killing to show killing is wrong? The issues around innocence and the finality of the death penalty? Cost? Its misuse? The torture...

Dec 5 2014 5:48PM
Why the Scott Panetti case strikes at the heart of the death penalty debate

On Wednesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the execution of Scott Panetti to “fully consider the late arriving and complex legal questions at issue” . Panetti has a long history of acute mental health problems, having been...

Nov 26 2014 12:18PM
Is 'the Penalty' worth the price? Lifting the lid on the death penalty

Last year, I set out across America with a small team of filmmakers to find out what it was like to be innocent and on death row. 148 people have been released from death rows throughout America – that’s one person for every ten the US...

Mar 12 2014 7:28PM
Louisana's injustice: Lessons the USA must learn from Glenn Ford

Late yesterday, Glenn Ford - now 64 years old - walked out of the Louisiana’s infamous Angola prison after spending nearly three decades behind bars for a crime he’s always claimed he never committed. He was sentenced to death in 1984...