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2015 (4)
Dec 4 2015 5:00PM
The long road to death penalty abolition in Mongolia

Mongolia's lawmakers today voted in a new Criminal Code that abolishes the death penalty for all crimes. It will take effect from September 2016. Amarzaya Galsanlkhagva is a long-time campaigner with Amnesty Mongolia. This is her...

Jun 22 2015 4:29PM
Nebraska just abolished the death penalty

By Christy Hargesheimer, Nebraska resident and Nebraska State Death Penalty Action Coordinator for Amnesty International USA Wow, who would have thought it possible? Red-state Nebraska (with a few purple splotches) actually has...

Apr 28 2015 3:42PM
People can change – if you let them live

Update: Indonesia executed eight of the nine prisoners . Mary Jane Veloso was given a last-minute stay of execution. We will continue to work on her case. On the back of Myuran Sukumaran’s portrait of Indonesian President Widodo the...

Mar 9 2015 6:14PM
'I felt the shadow of execution over my head': A letter from Iran's death row

"It is all finished," the guard said. On the other side of the thick brick wall of Iran's Raja'i Shahr prison, the bodies of six Sunni men from Iran’s Kurdish minority were hanging from nooses. Hamed Ahmadi, Jahangir Dehghani, Jamshid...