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2013 (14)
Oct 31 2013 5:39PM
Four states that are trying - and failing - to find a more humane way to kill

US support for the death penalty is at its lowest in 40 years in Gallop’s annual poll. At 60%, it’s dipped lower than the poll taken a month after Georgia's execution of Troy Davis in 2011. And its not surprising, with Maryland joining...

Jul 16 2013 1:40PM
Warren Hill Gets A Stay Of Execution

Warren Hill – an African American man with an IQ of 70 who was convicted of murder in 1991 – was set to be executed at 7 p.m. tonight. He has been found intellectually disabled by all the doctors and experts who have examined him. The...

Jul 12 2013 2:57PM
Georgia is determined to execute an intellectually disabled man

Late afternoon on July 3 when the least possible number of people would be paying attention, using a new law that makes the acquisition of execution drugs a state secret, Georgia scheduled the execution of Warren Hill, who is now set –...

Jul 3 2013 2:49PM
For some in Belarus, Independence Day might be their last

As Belarus marks Independence Day today, three men have been left wondering if it will be their last. Belarus is the only European country that continues to use the death penalty. In 2012 the Belarusian government executed at least...

May 15 2013 9:42AM
Innocent on Death Row

“They’re playing Russian Roulette with our lives. Our lives have no value.” John Thompson, exonerated after 14 years on death row Whenever I talk to someone about the death penalty, and my belief that it has no place in society, I’ll...

May 7 2013 5:38PM
Mississippi: execution imminent despite a refusal to DNA test

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Apr 19 2013 6:22PM
Who wants to be a death row record breaker?

Okay, confession time - I’m a Guinness World Record holder. I was part of the world’s largest coconut orchestra in Trafalgar Square in 2007, and along with 5,566 other people, clip-clopped my way into the record books with a rendition...

Apr 17 2013 1:20PM
Kirk Bloodsworth, Maryland - freed from death row by DNA evidence

“I can tell you that 28 years later, I killed the thing that almost killed me. It was the most gratifying thing I’ve ever felt in my life. No innocent man will ever be convicted and sentenced to death again. Not in my state.” Kirk...

Apr 10 2013 11:11AM
Set free from death row

Kirk Bloodsworth is the first person in the US to be exonerated from death row by DNA evidence. Kirk is now Advocacy Director at Witness to Innonence, and was a key part of the campaign to abolish the death penalty in Maryland. This is...

Mar 15 2013 7:15PM
Maryland votes to abolish the death penalty

Today the Maryland House of Delegates followed the lead of the state Senate and passed the death penalty repeal bill. The bill now goes to Governor Martin O’Malley who almost certainly will sign it, making Maryland the 18th state to...

Mar 6 2013 2:37PM
Stepping out of the shadow of Dukakis

Today, I want to post a blog that the producer on our documentary project One For Ten has written about the death penalty that I thought you'd all like a read of. You can read more of Megan's writing at our blog. - Cheers Will In this...

Feb 19 2013 9:39AM
Georgia, the world is watching. Again.

Update: 20 February 2013 Just 30 minutes before he was scheduled to die, Warren Hill was granted a stay of execution. We don't know how long for: the state of Georgia can now appeal the stay. Details in this Guardian article The...

Feb 11 2013 4:32PM
We're all coming together to fight the death penalty. And it's working!

I've been doing death penalty work for a long time, and I've watched and been part of the evolution of the movement for abolition both as a filmmaker, and campaigner. It might just be that it has my full attention at the moment because...

Jan 9 2013 1:13PM
Introducing One For Ten - ten stories of death row exonerees

For every 10 people executed in the US, one death row inmate is released after being found innocent. These exonerees have spent an average of 10 years on death row. I've been making films about the death penalty for some time now, and...