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2016 (13)
Nov 30 2016 1:50PM
Why your pot noodle might not just be bad for you, but for Indonesian child labourers too

It’s a sad state of affairs when companies, confronted with allegations of slavery in their supply chains, admit to it with little sense of shame. They express concern, tell us it’s unacceptable and that they’re doing everything they...

Nov 1 2016 1:50PM
Squabbling over children in Calais sends an appalling message to the rest of the world

Over recent days, the relationship between the French and UK governments has been strained by renewed disagreement over who should take responsibility for children at Calais. The two governments have once more effectively abandoned...

Oct 19 2016 6:04PM
Dental checks for child refugees: inappropriate, unethical and unreliable

Children who have fled from conflict zones and brutal regimes are finally being reunited with family in the UK. This should be a cause for celebration. Many have been living in squalor at risk from traffickers and abusers for months...

Aug 19 2016 5:06PM
Mo Farah’s double double: Bringing us all closer together

Mo Farah arguably just became the UK’s greatest ever Olympian. When he led the field across the line on Sunday, he completed a sensational back-to-back double – winning both 5,000 and 10,000 metre golds at London 2012 and Rio 2016. Of...

Aug 4 2016 5:35PM
Child detention: the powers that the Home Office won't let go

Written by Steve Symonds, Amnesty UK's Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme Director The power to detain is a long-standing Home Office obsession. For several years, the number of people detained has increased even as the proportion of...

Jul 11 2016 5:57PM
People who've made the UK their home need and deserve certainty

The Brexit referendum decision is now the cause of considerable fear and uncertainty among the many European citizens and their families living in the United Kingdom. The reported rise in hate crimes compounds the uncertainty on which...

May 9 2016 5:19PM
The government’s hokey-cokey on the European Convention is a dangerous game

IN or OUT that’s the question, but the debate before parliament today and the speech from the Home Secretary last week ventured to propose an altogether different Brexit: not from the EU, but from the European Convention on Human...

May 9 2016 4:47PM
As Europe continues to shirk responsibility, Kenya threatens to quit hosting refugees

On Friday, the Kenyan government announced it intends to close its refugee camps. These camps host over 600,000 refugees – mostly in Kakuma and Dadaab, the latter being the world’s largest refugee camp. The announcement will bring much...

Feb 23 2016 2:00PM
The UK is sweeping away human rights complaints against companies

F1 World Management had an NCP complaint lodged against it for holding the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain, where human rights abuses by the authorities are rife. The complaint was only partially accepted. It seems somewhat perverse that the...

Feb 14 2016 6:20PM
Why we should all love human rights this Valentine’s Day

‘Break the link’, they say, ‘limit the reach, ignore it, defy it’. There’s little love for the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) from the UK government at the moment. It makes me wonder whether our politicians have any...

Feb 9 2016 12:44PM
Charity, solidarity and heroism in Calais and Dunkirk – but UK government's response still dismal

Late on Thursday last week I was on the Eurostar heading back to London – to home, family and friends. I was tired, cold and hungry. And – so my partner tells me – a little bit smelly. I had spent the previous two days trudging through...

Jan 29 2016 11:50AM
The importance of family at this time of crisis

A few weeks ago, David Cameron delivered his Christmas message to the nation. He said: 'If there is one thing people want at Christmas, it’s the security of having the family around them and a home that is safe.' While the Christmas...

Jan 27 2016 6:10PM
Denmark: We’ll take your valuables but not your family

Denmark has just passed asylum laws to give authorities the power to search refugees and migrants, and take their cash and valuables. Under this mean-spirited new law, the Danish police will be able to search asylum seekers and seize...