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2014 (5)
Dec 3 2014 4:00PM
Why Bhopal still matters, 30 years on

Today marks 30 years since the worst case of corporate negligence in living memory. It’s a day to commemorate, but more fundamentally to draw attention to the need for justice in what is a continuing present day human rights travesty...

Aug 6 2014 7:21PM
Under pressure: how long will it take Ministers to stop arming Israel?

Just how long will the UK Government take to decide on whether or not the UK should be arming Israel? We know that Ministers have been reviewing arms licences for many days, and still they ponder. With 1,814 Palestinians killed and...

Aug 5 2014 2:17PM
Shell’s day of reckoning approaches

It is three years since the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) published the findings of a ground-breaking scientific study into the appalling impacts of oil pollution in the Ogoniland region of the Niger Delta. It found...

Apr 7 2014 9:51AM
The documents that show our Government caved in to corporate lobbying

Are there any principles that the UK government is willing to stand up for in the face of business lobbying? Apparently not, if documents released through a Freedom of Information request are anything to go by. These show, in detail...

Apr 2 2014 5:44PM
One year since the arms treaty vote and there's more work to do

It doesn’t seem like a year ago that I was sitting quietly in the balcony overlooking the main UN General Assembly chamber in New York, nervously awaiting the landmark vote to adopt the arms trade treaty. I say quietly because we’d...