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September 2014 (5)
Sep 22 2014 3:00PM
Destroying Islamic State may push Lebanon to the brink

With momentum building over the US and its international partners carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria as well Iraq, almost nothing has been said about what this might mean in terms of population flows and new...

Sep 19 2014 2:21PM
Nigeria needs to call time on torture

The next few months will determine whether Chinwe’s life is changed forever. Accused of murder by a corrupt and brutal police force, he faces spending his remaining years behind bars. He is at risk of being convicted by a Nigerian...

Sep 16 2014 11:46AM
It's time for the US to stop fuelling the conflict in Israel and Gaza

As the UN General Assembly begins its meeting today in New York City, Amnesty International is delivering 187,563 signatures to the White House in a global call to cut off weapons fuelling abuses in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian...

Sep 15 2014 10:48AM
Tortured by Mexican marines

My name is Claudia Medina. Two years ago, in the middle of the night, marines entered my home in Veracruz, Mexico. They didn’t show me a court order, but blindfolded me and took me away. For 36 long hours they kept me in solitary at a...

Sep 10 2014 4:21PM
A letter from a Syrian activist to an American mother

To the mother of James Foley, I want to express my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son, James Foley. It was with shock and sorrow to know what had happened to him by those vicious killers. My thoughts are with you and your...