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September 2014 (5)
Sep 22 2014 5:48PM
Less than 10 days to demand justice for Moses

Update, 30 Sep: It's our last day to influence the Governor, and we know his team are feeling the pressure - they're deleting your messages from his Facebook page so that the wider Nigerian community can't see details of Moses' case...

Sep 10 2014 5:23PM
US air strikes against ISIS in Syria & arming opposition groups. Some questions

US-led strikes against ISIS positions inside Syria and the arming of armed opposition groups are now a real possibility. However, little is being said about what this may mean for civilians in Syria or the prospect of long-term...

Sep 5 2014 7:20PM
New Radio Clip Promoting International Aid Access in Syria

I recently wrote about the importance of ensuring greater grassroots buy-in for increased humanitarian access into Syria. This is vitally important now that there is a UN Security Council resolution mandating the UN to enter Syria...

Sep 3 2014 2:13PM
'Talk to me, not about me': Afghan women left out in the cold by NATO

This week world leaders converge upon Newport for the NATO summit. There’s a crowded agenda and Afghanistan is no longer at the front of people’s minds, but this is a key moment for the country. NATO states will debate the training and...

Sep 1 2014 11:20PM
Increasing aid access into Syria – building confidence, cooperation & security

“A step change in access is still required that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who suffer in the Syrian Arab Republic.” UN Secretary General, 21 August 2014 The UN now having the ability to enter Syria without...