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August 2013 (6)
Aug 30 2013 6:04PM
Amnesty UK Letter to The Times: Syria - military intervention

Letters to the editor The Times Friday 30 August 2013 Sir, The defeat of the UK government’s initiative to win political support for possible military intervention in Syria shouldn’t blind us to some basic facts. First, that US-led...

Aug 29 2013 3:34PM
Military intervention in Syria: The human rights perspective

As America, the UK, France and Turkey debate whether or not to take military action in Syria, many of you have asked us to say if we are for or against it. You have demanded we take a stand. But the fact is that as an organisation, we...

Aug 28 2013 8:38PM
Syria: military intervention – six key points from Amnesty International

In recent days, several governments, including the UK, USA and France have signalled their intention to take military action against the Syrian government, which they hold responsible for the alleged chemical weapons attacks of 21...

Aug 22 2013 7:11PM
No more hand-wringing on Syria

By Cilina Nasser, Amnesty International’s researcher on Syria, this was originally posted on MSN UK It is impossible to watch the videos that emanated from Syria yesterday and not be moved, yet again, to rage about the international...

Aug 8 2013 4:26PM
Zimbabwe: human rights concerns despite a peaceful election

It’s one week on from the Zimbabwean election and it’s been quite a week for the country… I’ll try to give a quick summary of the past week’s events, and our concerns following reports of human rights violations in some districts. Urge...

Aug 7 2013 3:38PM
A snapshot of Aleppo's devastation

"Yousef (7), Mohammed (5), Ali (2), Hamza (12), Zahra (10), Husna (8), Fatima (10), Ahmad (7), Abdel Karim (2), Hassan (18 months)… Why did they bomb here? … There were only civilians here. Our quarter was full of life, children...