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July 2013 (6)
Jul 31 2013 4:42PM
Zimbabwe goes to the polls peacefully – but will it stay that way?

Zimbabweans have gone to the polls today for the first time since the violent elections of 2008, when 200 people were killed and thousands more were injured and displaced from their homes. The majority of the global media is focussing...

Jul 25 2013 3:33PM
Lessons in the Laws of War - A New Syrian Group takes on the Challenge

Indiscriminate attacks and reckless use of weapons, use of children, torture and ill-treatment of captives, sectarian threats and attacks, abductions and hostage taking, killings of civilians, including journalists and members of...

Jul 18 2013 4:16PM
A visit to the Za’atri refugee camp Jordan: ‘I wish I could invite you into the beautiful house we had back home’

By Neil Sammonds, Syria Researcher at Amnesty International Twelve kilometres south of the border with Syria lies the Za’atri refugee camp in Jordan. Over 130,000 refugees, who have fled the conflict in Syria, live here in a 7km-wide...

Jul 17 2013 12:12PM
18,000 voices call for violence free elections in Zimbabwe

Today, Amnesty colleagues and I will present 7,000 action cards to the South African High Commission and an 11,000 strong petition to the Tanzanian High Commission in London, calling for violence-free elections in Zimbabwe . What have...

Jul 4 2013 6:29PM
Roma rights now: 93,000 thank yous

Over the past few months Amnesty groups all around Europe have been gathering signatures, calling on the EU to intervene where governments are breaching anti-dscirmination laws by abusing Romani people's rights. Many thousand of you...

Jul 2 2013 12:02AM
A Map of Non-Violent Activism in Syria

Non violent resistance in Syria? Don’t make me laugh. Those trying to topple Assad are all cannibals and head choppers….or so the likes of the academic “Angry Arab”, Asad Abu Khalil would, it would seem at times, try to convince you...