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2012 (14)
Nov 4 2012 6:34PM
Four Women Stoned to Death in Iran

Stoning to death is the most barbaric, most horrific kind of execution that had ever existed in the history of mankind. Yet, in the Islamic Republic of Iran people, expecially women have been stoned to death on a number of occasions...

Oct 8 2012 3:56PM
Forced evictions: "We are asking for right and justice to be done"

We’ve just returned from Warsaw, from a meeting of the 56-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), focusing on human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination across Europe, the former Soviet Union and North...

Sep 23 2012 6:13PM
International Day of Peace: Syria burning among civil war

Today is the International Day of Peace While parts of the Middle East region are burning among civil war and acts of terror, peace seems to be a far-reached concept which requires tremendous effort to settle with. In the past few...

Jun 16 2012 4:44PM
How Can the World Witness Such Brutality and Do Nothing?

How can we witness such brutality and do nothing? “From where he was hiding, a 5 year traumatised, yet brave boy told reporters how his younger brother and mother were shot by the soldiers and died. He said he even saw the army...

Apr 10 2012 10:52PM
Iranian revolutionary court gives 4 years to Mansoureh Behkish

Below is Mansoureh Behkish; a woman in her 60s. She is one of the oldest women's rights campaigners who had lost 6 members of her family in the 1980s massacres in the Iranian prisons. Eversince she had been in and out of prison on...

Mar 23 2012 3:00PM
Summary of Amnesty International's submission to the UN of its concerns and recommendations relating to the Dominican Republic

A few days before the Un Human Rights Committee began its review in march of the Dominican Republic's human rights record, Amnesty submitted a detailed report of its concerns. These included widespread violence by police, use of...

Mar 20 2012 1:42PM
Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival comes to London tomorrow until March 30th, 2012. The eclectic and inspiring selection of films will be shown across four venues in the City, including; Curzon Mayfair, Curzon Soho, ICA and the Ritzy...

Mar 17 2012 8:03PM
March 21 is Iranian New Year and Women in Prison

We are nearing the Iranian New Year. As millions of Iranians inside and outside the country celebrate NowRooz, those who are in prison and their families especially children of the prisoners feel no urge for celebrations. The number of...

Feb 24 2012 9:37AM

IN SOLIDARITY, IN DEFIANCE mena uprisings: ONLY HALF A RE VOLUTION? Tuesday 20 March, 7pm for 7.30pm start Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA To discuss the future of women’s rights and feminist activism...

Feb 13 2012 8:58PM
Women of the World Festival (WOW)

WOW - Women of the World Festival 2012 is a celebration of the formidable strength and inventiveness of women, running 7-11 March. This annual festival presents and recognises women from all walks of life, acting as a conversation...

Feb 11 2012 7:01PM
Amnesty and the anniversary of the Arab revolutions in Trafalgar Square

Rouhi Shafii In the cold weather of London hundreds; men women and children, Arab, English, Iranian and many other nationalilities, political activists and anti-war campaigners gathered in a show of solidarity with the Arab people who...

Feb 10 2012 5:06PM
Iran Mourning Mothers demand an end to detention and persecution

Stop persecutions, detentions, executions! On 2 February 2012 and in an orchestrated operation security forces raided the homes of about 30 Bahaie citizens in the city of Shiraz in south of the country and took away 11 people. The...

Feb 7 2012 8:45PM
Join us in Trafalgar Square to celebrate revolutions in the Arab world

We will have speakers from Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Palestine and more including leaders from the Trade Union movement. The event is this Saturday 11 February (12-2), Trafalgar Square, London Confirmed Speakers Kate Allen AIUK...

Jan 16 2012 12:00AM
An untold story which must be told!

Last night while browsing the Persian websites I came across this untold story of a young girls whose was only 17 and her life ended when she was detained by security forces in Shiraz, her hometown in southern Iran. Taraneh Bayat, 17...