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Iranian revolutionary court gives 4 years to Mansoureh Behkish


  • Below is Mansoureh Behkish; a woman in her 60s. She is one of the oldest women's rights campaigners who had lost 6 members of her family in the 1980s massacres in the Iranian prisons. Eversince she had been in and out of prison on numerous occasions. Mansoureh is member of Iran's Mourning Mothers. those who have lost children in prisons or on the streets.
  • Mansoureh had continously and relentlessly demanded answers to the following questions from the authorities and every time she had faced with a wall of silence and worse, detention and solitary confinement.
  • What Mansoureh is asking are simple questions:
  • Why did you mujrder my family?
  • Why did you refuse to deliver their bodies to us?
  • Why did you refuse to give me their written wills?
  • Why do you stop me commerate their death?
  • Why do you stop me going to the cemetry in nsearch of their graves?
  • We urge all the peace-loving people to their voices against the harsh sentence to be given to Mansoureh and stop her boing behind bars for her peaceful campaigns. 








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