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2011 (26)
Nov 21 2011 1:35PM
women's revolution?

FCBBCA: Is the Arab Spring a EXTERNAL EVENT HELD AT THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS IN ASSOCIATION WITH BBC ARABIC The uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa were a time when the 'revolutionary Arab woman' grabbed the...

Nov 13 2011 7:32AM
WAN Event/ Symposium of short documentaries from Iran

Report of Symposium of the documentaries produced by Iranian Women Day 0ne, 4 November 2011 Women Action Network of Amnesty International in collaboration with ICAVI celebrated the Iranian producers’ documentaries at Amnesty Human...

Oct 24 2011 3:25PM
An open letter by Mothers of Park Laleh (Irans Mourning Mothers) to the human rights organisations!

Where do those who had been murdered in the past 33 years and the harassment of their mourning mothers and their supporters stand in Dr Ahmed Shahid’s first report to UN Human Rights Council UN? In the autumn afternoon of last Saturday...

Oct 11 2011 11:30AM
Three women won the Noble Peace Prize. One woman in Iran won it too!

The Noble Committee for the nomination and winners of the Peace Prize has in recnt years concentrated on women. Those who have contributed to bring peace and justice to their countries. These are positive signs of the recognition of...

Sep 28 2011 10:12AM
Celebrate Amnesty 50 year anniversary with 2 events in OCt-Nov organised by WAN

Ceilidh Wednesday 12 October, 7.00 – 10.00pm Human Rights Action Centre, London Celebrate Amnesty at 50 with ceilidh band Muscadin! Join us to campaign for women’s rights in Afghanistan and help fundraise for a new documentary about...

Sep 27 2011 11:36PM
Symposium of Short Documentaries made by Iranian Women

November is the Month to Stop Violence Against Women Amnesty International Women’s Action Network (WAN) in Collaboration with International Coalition Against Violence in Iran ( (ICAVI) 1- Don’t Forget Women Victims of Violence, Iran 2-...

Aug 5 2011 10:50AM
Water Pistol play in the park threatens the foundations of the Iranian regime!

This is Iran, where every enjoyable activity either in the public or in private is considered a "threat to the national security" and forbidden. According to the Guardian and other media, a group of youth organised a water pistol feast...

Aug 3 2011 7:26PM
Innocent Voices Speak Out: the impact of harassment and imprisonment of children of human rights activists

Innocent Voices Speak Out The impact of harassment and prison on the children of human rights campaigners Saba Vasefi Asieh Amini, journalist and human rights activist once said: ”Our children aren’t civil activists or political...

Jul 30 2011 8:03PM
Join the founder of Run for Congo

Dear reader Run alongside Lisa Shannon , founder of Run for Congo Women and author of A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman , on 11th September in Hyde Park ! By taking part in our first ever 5k...

Jul 21 2011 6:08PM
The imprisonment of Actresses is Iran; new developements in suppressing women

The Feminist School A month ago Marzieh Vafamenhr, who is an actress as well producer of documentaries was detained and sent to the notorious Gharechak-Varanmin prison which is known as not a prison but a torture chamber without the...

Jul 16 2011 12:27PM
Voices from Iran's prisons:documentary made by Farah Shilandary A documentary made by Farah Shilandary of a woman in the Iranian prisons. A horiffic tale of a woman who was detained during demonstrations in Iran.

Jun 17 2011 9:17AM
Mahan, the most amazing meeting with a political prisoner in Iran

A note by Jila Baniyaqob, Iranian journalist. He spoke very fast, seemed more bewildered than happy. His words made sense but he would sometimes lose his concentration. He talks and you listen and for the first time you feel you don't...

Jun 14 2011 12:04AM
Iran on the anniversary of the 2009 disputed elections

There were little photos, little youtube videos of yesterday, 12 June, which marked the aniversary of the disputed presidential elections and the birth of the Green Movement in Iran. People were too frightened to register their...

Jun 7 2011 9:51PM
Haleh Sahabi, the latest victim murdered by Iran's security forces during her Father's funeral!

Haleh Sahabi, 54, a daughter from the Sahabi family, who had been veterans of struggles against dictatorship in both the Shah’s regime and the Islamic Republic, died during her father’s funeral. Haleh was serving a two year term for...

May 29 2011 11:09PM
Nasrin Sotudeh, brave Iranian lawyer taken to court in handcuffs!

گزارش تصویری از حضور نسرين ستوده در اولين دادگاه رسيدگي به ابطال پروانه وكالت اش Some of you might know Nasrin Sotudeh, a brave Iranian lawyer who was detained last September and put in solitary confinement for 8 months before being...

May 16 2011 10:49AM
US women oppose death penalty more than men: A force behind the national effort to end it!

USA: The Death Penalty Gender Gap----Women oppose capital punishment more than men. And they're a force behind the national effort to end it. Monday, April 25, 2011 On March 9, Illinois Gov. Patrick Quinn signed a...

Apr 25 2011 5:39PM
A message from Paola who works to save Linda Carty

I'm Paola and I work as volunteer in the press team. I'm also volunteering at Reprieve to help with the organization of the "Amazing Grace for Linda Carty" campaign. As you probably already know, Linda Carty is a British grandmother...

Apr 13 2011 7:06PM
The world's most dangerous place for women

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the world’s most forgotten conflicts. An estimated 5.4 million have lost their lives in the last 15 years , most through preventable disease and malnutrition unleashed by the conflict. That is...

Apr 1 2011 1:14PM
HIV positive victim of sex trafficking and rape faces imminent deportation from the UK

Felicia Adjei, a vulnerable woman who was trafficked into the UKand brutally exploited in forced prostitution is facing removal to Ghanatomorrow. She is currently waiting in an immigration detention centre. Felicia comes from a very...

Mar 25 2011 6:08PM
Report on the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva

The United Nations Council on Human Rights had its 16 session from 10 March to 23 in Geneva, during which Iranians from across Europe held talks, demonstrations and lobbied the delegates to vote for special rapporteur to be sent to...