Nasrin Sotudeh, brave Iranian lawyer taken to court in handcuffs!

گزارش تصویری از حضور نسرين ستوده در اولين دادگاه رسيدگي به ابطال پروانه وكالت اش


Some of  you might know Nasrin Sotudeh, a brave Iranian lawyer who was detained last September and put in solitary confinement for 8 months before being sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and deprived of practiving law and travelling abroad for 20 years. Nasrin's daughter will be 22 when she is released from prison!

Nasrin is currently serving that harsh sentence in the Evin prison. She has twice gone on hunger strike against her detnetion  and conviction but no one has heard her voice and the immense international campaigns did not result in any useful outcome. Today,  Nasrin was taken to court to appeal against the cancellation of her work permit as a lawyer which was launched by Iran's Bar Association. The court was adjourned for another day. Have a look at this brave woman who is hancuffed and still smiles and hugs her husband. Shame on a regime which imprisons its best lawyers for crimes they have not committed.

Today was one of the days I felt immense proud at being Iranian. Despite harsh conditions, Iranian women can still prove that they have the courage to smile and give us the courage to fight for freedom and democracy.

Rouhi Shafii

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