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An untold story which must be told!

Last night while browsing the Persian websites I came across this untold story of a young girls whose was only 17 and her life ended when she was detained by security forces in Shiraz, her hometown in southern Iran.

Taraneh Bayat, 17 was strikingly beautiful. She was detained outside her school and taken to a detention centre. A man who held a post in the prison recalls that he spotted her in the corridor with her blibndfold removed from her eyes.

"She was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen"! I apporached and and told her: " my daughter put that blindfold back. She looked at me and said: " I don't like it".

Taraneh was spotted by a young interrogator by the name of.Bafghi. He said he will take charge of her interrgogation. He took her to a room, raped and killed her!

This is his version of events according to Bfghi himself:

I just wanted to take her virginity. I took her pants off among her screams for help and shoved it into her mouth to keep her quiet. Then I wrapped a plastic bag round her mouth. While I was doing my work she was struggling horribly. After I finished she was quiet and then I noticed that I have wrapped the plastic round her nose as well and she had suffocated!

Upon hearing of the story, the chief interrogator of the prison, a clergy said: " in a revolution these things happen!"

The perpetrator, Bafghi said he will discharge of the body.

Taraneh's father, a highschool teacher was looking for his beoloved girl for five years.

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1 comment

Please let me tell you another story which I am sure would remain another untold story. This one is from Pakistan. The Chief Justice of this country kills his own daughter in the name of honor and there is no word about it anywhere. Poor women of these countries have no one to turn to. I read the story on following blog:

Natasha_B 12 years ago