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International Day of Peace: Syria burning among civil war

Today is the International Day of Peace


While parts of the Middle East region are burning among civil war and acts of terror, peace seems to be a far-reached concept which requires tremendous effort to settle with. In the past few years many of the Arab countries and North Africa have risen against tyranny and dictatorship and for freedom and democracy. In some of these countries regime change has brought the promise of freedom and democracy. But such concepts in countries with little or no experience of freedom and democracy will take a long time to root and blossom and in the meantime, the underlying social problems such as poverty, illiteracy and lack of proper social structures disfigure the path to such grand aspirations.

In Libya, Tunisia and Egypt and Yemen the old regimes have changed and replaced by new administrations but underlying social and economic problems and social incoherence have remained intact and will take a long time to pave the way to freedom, peace and democracy. In Bahrain, the people’s demands have not been met while suppression and detention has continued. 

In Syria, demand for change has turned into violence and an ugly civil war where thousands of people have been killed and cities, towns and villages turned into rubbles. The Syrian people are paying a high price for freedom and democracy.

On this Day which Peace must be on our minds and thoughts, International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI), urges the international community, the United Nations, civil society organisations for peace and above all the peace-loving peoples of the world to make orchestrated efforts to stop the destructive civil war in Syria.

On this Day of Peace, the Syrian people; men, women and children; those who have taken refugee in the neighbouring countries and those who are living under constant shadow of death are hoping for a just and peaceful settlement to the civil war which is ravaging their beautiful country and killing its human resources.

ICAVI urges the international community to take decisive steps to bring peace to Syria as every day that goes by further loss of life and resources take their toll.

In Peace, people can blossom and bloom their inner talents and inner happiness for a better world.

In War, violence, destruction and forces of terror will reign.

International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)

21 September 2012

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